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In Honor of Patti Means

We strive to honor the legacy of Patti Means by providing needs not covered under the hospice benefit to those in the last chapter of their lives.  We hope we can certainly do that, but we want to be so much more. 


Patti’s spirit and selflessness impacted so many lives in our community.  She led multiple senior living organizations and served as the first Hospice Director of Healing Hands Healthcare.  Patti was a beacon of light to countless people when they needed it most.  Whether it was comforting residents in uncertain times, providing a stable home where people could feel secure and know they will be taken care of, or just being a smiling face as family members walked in the door to see a loved one, Patti was all of those things at once. She battled Leukemia in the last few years of her life, yet her faith and her smile never wavered.   


We hope to be that beacon of light that will always shine down on those in need, and be a resource when people need it most.  


As a non-profit, we rely strictly on donations to support our cause.  Your donations allow us to provide resources to hospice patients in the last moments of their lives.  Blankets, pillows, hotel rooms for loved ones, and meals are a few of the ways we can help when it’s needed. 


Our team is comprised of an incredible group of women and men that care deeply about this cause and have dedicated themselves to living in such a way that they too can be a light in the darkness.  


We cannot do it alone.  You can contact any of our board members with questions and donations.  Thank you for allowing us to continue the good fight. 

-Patti Means Ministry-

About Us

Be a light in the darkness

and if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry 
and satisfy the needs of the oppressed,
then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday.

Isaiah 58:10

Our Mission

Dedicated to providing support to hospice patients, allowing them the ability to remain comfortable at home with dignity.

Our Purpose

A ministry built to honor the legacy of Patti Means that will provide needs not covered under the hospice benefit to those in the last chapter of their life. Everyone deserves exceptional care no matter the journey they took to get there.

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